Boutique Agistment

Boutique Horse Care

Highway Stables strives to provide a joyous agistment experience. Daily monitoring of horses, pasture and general environmental vibes enables quick response to an issue, and our owners are kept abreast of any concerns promptly . 

Long Term Agistment  $11 / day / horse

Horses are managed in small group herds. We have purposely chosen herd management for their emotional and physical well being. For additional safety barefoot horse only.

It includes:

#   Daily paddock observation & supplementary lick supplied upon seasonal review

#   Paddocks slashed, harrowed, limed and pasture species monitored. Paddock dams fed by natural runoff, no roadway storm               water  contamination. Plain 5 wire fencing and sections hot wired

#   Immediate bush trails, and 15 minutes by float to beaches and State Forests

#   Covered training area and sand based dressage arena for private training when not pre-booked.  Riding access to stables, tack           room and all facilities

#   Stables and yards available on first in basis or pre book basis.    Users must muck out, feed and water horses when using the             stable and yards

#   Tack room, separated hay storage & float parking 

#   Agistee dogs welcome - must be on leash and well socialised

#   Insurance & Wavier & Bond documents to be signed

#  Available for people going away on holidays, relocating homes + 

#  Short term board includes small paddock and stable, shod and barefoot horse welcome 

Short Term Full Board  ... Price On Application

#  Private stable for health aliments and rehabilitation treatment

#  Arena hire - lesson - private groups

#  Hosting Clinics-Workshops

#  Qualified Equine Podiotherapist & boot fitter on site

#  Transport may be available for agistee horses

#  Dental, veterinarian and body therapy practitioners available as required

Other Services...

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