Clinics & Time-out  

Weekend Treat: horse riding, shopping,beaches and wine tasting. Safe stables, free parking and amenities 7 minutes drive from Port Macquarie CBD


Wedding photos: spring blooms, autumn avenue and tall tree bush

Animal workshops & clinics

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 0429 844 611

Highway Stables Pacific Highway Port Macquarie

Classical Riding Foundations

 Francisco Campeao

Portuguese riding tuition without the airfare!

February 21st,22nd, 23rd

May 22nd,23rd,24th

August 21st,23rd,24th

November 20th,21st,22nd

Booking now open for February....     


  • Level III   Dressage,    Show jumping & Eventing

  • EA    Level II    Dressage   &   Showjumping

  • FIHB     Expert Technical Trainer   &   FIHB Ambassador for Australia

  • ABRS   Member & Inspector


This is a rare, local opportunity to learn from a talented, gently spoken trainer/rider.Seating the rider correctly, explaining applications of the various aids correctly, demonstrating co-ordination and timing of aids.  All the essential understandings for  safe, effective riding toward your  particular equestrian discipline


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