Dressage Coach - The Basis of Good Riding from Classical Foundation

Francisco Campeao

Portuguese riding tuition without the airfare!

  • International Level III   Dressage,          Show jumping &  Eventing

  • EA    Level II    Dressage   &   Showjumping

  • FIHB     Expert Technical Trainer   &   FIHB

  • Working Equitation Coach

  • Ambassador for Australia

  • ABRS   Member & Inspector

(last visit for 2020)

November 20th, 21st, 22nd     


Francisco's  focus is on effective and elegant riding to maximize results. His knowledge of the Baroque breeds, performance: crossbred warm bloods, thoroughbreds and ponies  (including Shetlands), provides an edge to his horsemanship.

He visits Highway Stables 3-4 times per year and in these quiet surrounds his attention to sensitivity between horse and rider (especially the rider) built on classical training foundations provides the happiest results.

In invitation is extended to established students here at Highway Stables to continue with Online Coaching with Francisco between his coastal visits. This video tool with pre-recorded self video training at your chosen moment in time, with a warm beverage and comfortable chair, in the absence of prevailing weather, fly's and horse antics, sets the scene for a most productive debrief!  

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